The Bedrooms

The “Romantic Junior Suite”

This spacious double room has a king size bed, in-room cheminee and a private balcony overseeing the forest. It is surrounded by lilac flowers, whose perfume and colours frame the ultimate romantic experience.

The “Sportsmen room”

This double bedroom has a wooden boat-like queen-size bed, typical interior element of this area of northern Italy. 
The wide window offers a view of the forest in front and the in-room bathroom has a wide mosaique shower.
In this room it is possible to add a small bed for children up to 3 years old.

The “Turquoise Blossom” room 

This room, decorated with a turquoise boiserie painted with floral motives has an in-room balcony and a wide in-room bathroom equipped with a bath-tub.
This room offers an antique functioning cradle.

The “Twin” bedroom

This minimal and classic room has twin beds and an in-room infrared sauna (subject to reservation).
The charming bathroom with an antique bath-tub is just outside the door on the main corridor.

Le vasche e i lavabi dei bagni sono d’epoca, per cui ci scusiamo per macchie e imperfezioni