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The community of Alta Valle Elvo that protects the area around the Elvo river offers wonderful surroundings and landscapes for trekking and escursions. 
Walking along the river in fact you can reach in about half an hour walk the location of Guarnevo, a secret place with a natural waterfall that drops into a 200 mt-deep basin.
You can here have a bath or rest on the pebbles shore.

The so called “Elvo Beach” is a known area just a few km away, where you can relax by the river and spend your day sunbathing on the shore or swimming in the transparent pure refreshing turquoise waters.

Antica Cascina del Medico is located just a few miles away from the world’s famous golf club “Le Betulle”. Winner of the “Best Golf of Europe” more than once, it counts 18 holes, immersed in a rare untouched nature.
Our guests can benefit of a 10% discount on the golf sevices.

Antica Cascina del Medico is part of the network of hospitality of H2Elvo, promoting all the beauties of this area. 
You can book an outdoor experience on

With our rewarded environmental hiking guide Fiorella Giarrizzo you can book private escursions and activities in the nature, targeting different levels.


A few examples:


Positive altitude difference: about 400m
Length: 17 Km
Degree of difficulty: E hiking
Type of route: ring
walking time: 5 hours


La Trappa is an imposing stone structure. Even if the origins are not clear, it owes its name to a congregation of friars called “Trappist” living in the area. It is situated in a spectacular location under the Biella Alps. This paths includes a fascinating walk along the original molar canal until the captation point of the ditch. The route is varied and presents no difficulties.


The Morainic Amphitheater of Ivrea is the result of a geological phenomenon dating back to the Quaternary that gave rise to unique and fascinating natural formations.  The longest moraine in Europe, the “Serra” is located in this area. This alluvial gold deposit was triggered for the first time 2000 years ago, and it represents the first intensive mining exploitation, creating the largest open pit mine in the history. We can now admire as a result a charming and nostalgic landscape with a huge pile of pebbles, today called “La Bessa”.


This itinerary involves one of Europe’s most authentic natural sites. It could lead with a detour to the so called “Castelliere of Mongrando”, an enigmatic construction, discussed and controversial.

The excursion can vary in terms of duration and difficulty, always allowing an overall view of the site both from a historical and natural point of view.




Positive altitude difference: about 400m
Length: 14 Km
Degree of difficulty: E hiking
Type of route: ring
walking time: 5 hours


Bagneri is a small mountain village within the municipality of Muzzano. 
It counts only 25 inhabitants and it represents one of the highest permanent inhabited centers of the Biella area. 
The secular chestnut trees, the church, the “Scouts House”, the “Madonna del Piumin” by the local artist Sandrun and the ecomuseum cell dedicated to the mountain civilization stand out for a full immersion in the local culture and nature.

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