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Restructured in 1998 in compliance with the bioarchitecture standards and honouring feng-shui principles, it is the ideal place to realign your energy with the vibrations of the surrounding untouched nature. The pure energy of the place is dear to the owner, who has paired special attention while building the house avoiding any magnetic or electric field on the beds and cleaning all rooms from geopathic damaging influences. The nature is queen in this structure: respected, nurtured and admired. 
Limited use is dedicated to TV or indoor activities, predilecting the beautiful outdoor green spaces. Abundant is the surrounding nature. Within its 5 hectars of private land, at Antica Cascina del Medico the landscape is various. Hiking and escursions in the property give access to various landscapes among the trees, disclosing a small pound reconnecting to a natural water source part of the Lauretana’s famous waters and by luck, encounters with wild animals.
This powerful nature has its own soundtrack, music made of restless birds, wind through the trees, water flowing or crickets at night.

The structure is composed of four diverse rooms, all of them with a spacious bathroom and views on the hills. The outdoor spaces are many, both open air and covered, for the rainy days. There is a fireplace in each of the living areas, for a truly magical atmosphere even in winter. This timeless oasis seems to be entirely designed as a kind invitation to “slow down” from our hectic routine and reconnect with our inner self. It is in this perspective that it is offered the chance to restore not only our soul but also our body, by following the principles of a true healthy living.
All food served in Antica Cascina del Medico is organic, mostly collected from the nature around and cooked by following recipes that enhance our natural energy and defenses.
More than natural, more than at home.

Antica Cascina del Medico is a charming yet simple country house

that served once as the residence of the local doctor.

Forest bathing


The Japanese practice of ‘Forest bathing’ is well known to have a positive effect on our immune systems.

By simply stepping out of your beedroom, you will be welcomed by a powerful untouched nature. Walking outdoor, your foot on the grass, is an important booster of your mental, physical and spiritual health. Stress releases and the blood pressure rebalances while streghtening the immune system.




Antica Cascina del Medico is located among the green hills of Muzzano, just under the Alps, in the area called the “Prealps of Biella”. Its name comes from Mont’szano, “healthy mountain’ in the old local dialect, typically cherished for its still now pure fresh air, thanks to the altitude and the proximity with the Alps.
This country-house was initially built in the 1800 as the private residence of the local doctor, beautifully recalling the healing potential of this hospitality structure.
Antica Cascina del Medico represents a unique starting point for activities in the open air, such as hikes or bike-rides on the mountains.

Our Rooms


The three double rooms have a view on the garden overseeing the forest that covers the hill in front of the house. A wide variety of flowers blossoms around the property. From lilac, to azaleas, rhododendrons, roses, jasmine and hydrangeas create an enchanting atmosphere made of authentic perfumes and colours variations that changes with the four seasons.

Common areas

The diverse common areas and dispatched inside and outside the house, serving for dining or just for relaxation, the purpose of sharing a space never imposing on peace and tranquillity. 
The food philosophy here reflects perfectly the mission of the place, healthy and authentic, whose identity is found in local products, often taken from the garden. The menu always respects the guests’ diverse possible needs and special requests (for example due to intolerances) are welcome. 

The space is perfectly suitable for a variety of events and parties, could it be workshops, conferences, retreats or even weddings.

Upon request there is a wide variety of treatments that could be chosen with the support of experienced therapists, like massages, (shiatsu massage, californian massage, four-handed massage), dietary and healthy living support or nutritional consultations. 
The structure also offers an infrared sauna, a mechanic stimulation bed, detox programs and private lessons of yoga or tai-chi.

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